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TOEIC Public Test Centre

The TOEIC is an English language proficiency test for people whose native language is not English. 

It measures the English skills of people working in an international environment.  Everyday working and conversational English is used for the TOEIC, specialised business or technical vocabulary is not required. TOEIC scores indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in business, commerce and industry, and are widely used by clients from that sector wishing to test competence levels. It is a two-hour, multiple-choice test. A further half hour is needed for administration. There are 200 questions, divided into two sections:

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Listening Section

Approximately 45 minutes There are 100 listening comprehension questions on compact disc. You listen to a variety of statements, questions, short conversations, and short talks recorded in English, then you answer the questions.

Reading Section

Approximately 75 minutes There are 100 reading questions consisting of three types.You read a variety of materials and answer at your own pace.

Speaking Section

Approximately 20 minutes There are 11 Speaking questions that measure various aspects of your speaking ability. For each question, you will be given specific directions, including the time allowed for preparing and speaking your response.
Writing Section

Approximately 60 minutes There are 8 questions. For each question, you will be given specific directions, including the time allowed for writing.
Who can take the test?

Any non-native speaker may take the test.  There is no limit to the number of times you may take the test, but you may not sit the test more than once in any four-week period. You do not have to be a Crown student.

How do I prepare?
TOEIC offers an Official Learning and Preparation Course (OLPC).  

You can take the TOEIC OLPC Placement Test online. This provides some more free testing experience to help you feel more comfortable when sitting the test. Click
HERE to take the test.
Where & When?

TOEIC Tests are held at Crown Institute of Studies.

Reading and Listening Test is held at 1:00 pm on Fridays. Please report to reception on level 3 (the ground floor) of 80 Anzac Avenue at 12:45 pm.

Speaking and Writing Test is held at 2:00 pm (Daylight Savings time) on Sundays. Please report to reception on level 3 (the ground floor) of 80 Anzac Avenue at 1:45 pm.

You MUST bring your passport, a passport photo, a pencil (non-mechanical) and an eraser.
Please register at least 2 weeks before the test.

Test dates:
Reading and Listening - Fridays Speaking and Writing - Sundays
1 December 2017  3 December 2017 - 2pm
19 January 2018  21 January 2018 - 2pm
16 February 2018 18 February 2018 - 2pm
16 March 2018  18 March 2018 - 2pm
13 April 2018  15 April 2018 - 1pm
11 May 2018  13 May 2018- 1pm
 8 June 2018  3 June 2018- 1pm
 6 July 2018 1 July 2018- 1pm
 3 August 2018 5 August 2018- 1pm

Click here for a link to a Google map of our location.

Parking: There is a Wilson parking building near Crown at 57-73 Anzac Ave.

Public Transport: Many bus stops and the Britomart Train station are within walking distance as Crown is located in the central business district of Auckland City. For more information on public transport in Auckland check out the AT website.

For testing in other locations, please see the full list of TOEIC Public Test Centres.

Note that it’s also possible to take the TOEIC (Speaking & Writing) at Crown. For more information, please click HERE for more information.

Fees for the TOEIC:
Test, score report and OLPC NZD230.00
Test, score report, certificate and OLPC  NZD265.00
Postage (within New Zealand) NZD5.00
Postage (outside New Zealand) NZD10.00
TOEIC Speaking & Writing NZD250.00
TOEIC Speaking & Writing and Listening & Reading NZD350.00
There are more options available, please contact us for details  

We receive the results by email within one week of the test. The score reports and certificates arrive at Crown within two weeks. We post them on as soon as we received them.
To enquire about testing at Crown, please contact us by phone or email.

If you have any concerns or issues contacting our centre, please email toeic@pro-match.com with any questions about TOEIC testing.