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In New Zealand, international students (with the exception of students funded under Official Development Assistance or Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship funds) are ineligible for publicly funded health and disability services. However, everyone in New Zealand is covered by Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), which will pay for physical and mental injuries caused by accidents, conditions related to work, medical treatment and sexual assault or abuse.

New Zealand immigration policy requires international students to hold acceptable insurance from the time of their enrolment until their visa expiry (or departure from New Zealand). Immigration New Zealand has defined “acceptable insurance” as insurance that is compliant with the Code and acceptable to the student’s education provider. You can see more information here: http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2016/0057/latest/DLM6748319.html

Please note:

  • All international students in New Zealand are required to have travel and medical insurance, even for a very short course
  • If you plan to stay longer in New Zealand as a tourist, it is strongly recommended that you continue your health insurance until you return home
  • Students and tourists are not entitled to any free medical treatment in New Zealand and even simple treatments can be very expensive
  • The government recommends that any travel and medical insurance for students cover the things explained on the left hand chart on the back of this page
  • Crown uses Uni-care insurance, which provides the cover outlined on the right hand chart on the back of this page
  • If you have your own insurance please review it to make sure you have adequate cover
  • You are welcome to buy Uni-care insurance if you wish. Your counsellor or the student welfare manger can help you.

Click here to visit the Uni-Care website for more information.


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