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Crown students studying Business, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism will need to wear a corporate black and white uniform.  Uniforms will need to be worn each day except on casual Fridays, or except where otherwise advised by your tutor. 

Uniform Benefits

A uniform helps you get work ready. It is a good choice for interviews or school functions. It always looks professional and saves you time getting ready in the morning.

Crown Uniform Costs and Ordering

Crown requires all students to purchase their uniforms from Postie+. Please click here for acceptable items and cost, as well as Postie+ store locations. We recommend purchasing at least two sets of shirts and pants/skirts to ensure your uniform will be looking fresh every day of the week.

Shoes may be purchased from your chosen store, but check here for acceptable styles. Heel height must not exceed 8 centimetres.

Uniform Exceptions

You may wear a plain black cardigan at any time, or a black puffer jacket during winter. You may wear a black business jacket. If you choose to wear a skirt, you may wear BLACK stockings. Leggings/jeggings are NOT acceptable. Students are encouraged to wear a coloured scarf/tie. This is totally up to you, and you are free to choose the colour and design.

Please note: NO hoodies, T-shirts, polo shirts, caps or beanies. Jandals or shoes without a back strap are not to be worn on campus.