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Welcome to the Job Zone!

What came first the chicken or the egg?

It is a bit like finding a job, you need experience first but how do you do that, if you can't find a job!
Employers want and need employees with passion and personality, but most importantly proven customer service skills.
Check out the job zone for some great options to get you started. 


Part time work

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While studying it is essential that you get  hands on work experience as this is important to employers.  Besides -the side effect is that you can earn money and keepyour student debt low.  Such a win/win why wouldn't you?  

We offer our great Work and Study option and our Careers Advisor will help you find work - you just need a positive attitude, fabulous attendance and to be open and flexible about your options.
The ultimate website for part time work is Student Job Search. Employer seeking students to work! Employers seeking students for Work Experience. This website is packed and loaded with  job opportunities to get you started. Plus you are only competing with other students, not everyone else! Working at large or small events like concerts, weddings,conferences and sports arenas are great places to gain confidence and essential transferable skills.
Become a casual event staff member with the following companies:
  Sky City employ over 3000 staff-  If you're passionate about delivering great customer service, enjoy a fast paced, dynamic environment and want to work with a vibrant, multi-cultural workforce, come and join the team and start your Winning Career. Whether you're bringing your knowledge, skills and experience with you, or just starting out in your career, there is plenty of opportunity for you at SKYCITY.
  Do you love fashion, food and fun? Then maybe the world of retail and fast food is for you! Working in large chain companies like Dotti, The Warehouse, Farmers, McDonalds, KFC are fantastic places to start your career journey.
Hot jobs off the press! Many employers email Crown directly asking for our graduates. Check out what is on offer!
  Auckland has plenty of well known international hotels. Use your valuable work experience and customer service skills to land yourself a great career.
  Want to work in Travel? Make sure you have your drivers licence plus two years of customer service work experience to get your foot in the door.
  Check out some popular websites for job hunting. Remember to apply for jobs that you have the specific skills to do the job!
  Become a Volunteer! Do you want to make a difference in the community and gain a few skills along the way? OR do you not have much work experience and want your CV to show that there is more to you than only being a student?  Volunteering is looked at favorably by employers so have a look at these websites and see where you can lend a hand:
Need a CV and a Cover Letter? 
Click here for some templates and extra help

Top 5 tips to use when applying for jobs:

1. Make sure your CV is tailored made for the position you are applying for.
2. Highlight and repeat the skills that the job advert is asking you to have.
3. Every time you apply for a new job, you should send a tailored cover letter as well a tailored CV.
4. If you do not have work experience use your church, youth groups and family events as examples.
5. Showing passion and enthusiasm will help you to stand out, so avoid copying others.