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Work Experience Programme

What’s in it for you?

Work experience placements provide many opportunities and benefits to both employers and students.

  1. Building links with local tertiary providers can help attract school leavers into jobs and reduce recruitment costs.
  2. Influencing the quality of future employers: employers can help improve the quality and preparedness of young people coming onto the labour market.
  3. Raising the community profile: many employers attach importance to raising their profile in the community. Work experience placements provide a valuable means of creating a positive image amongst students, tutors, parents and employees.
  4. Creation of management development opportunities: the process of policy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of work experience programmes gives scope for employees to develop their management and coaching skills,   and widen their experience.
  5. Monetary: students may provide fresh perspectives, as well as providing an additional resource.

Crown’s Placement Promise

Crown Institute is committed to offering you only our best, highly motivated and polished students. We want to provide you with first class students so you can provide them with essential work experience.
The success of a placement relies upon an effective partnership between the employer, the work experience organiser, the school and the student.
We will only supply students who have met and exceeded our selection criteria:

Students will require ALL of the following:

  1. Pre-assessment interview with our Careers Advisor. Which you as the employer are welcome to be a part of i.e: final telephone screening, panel interview.
  2. 90% Attendance (minimum).
  3. 100% Completion of assessment.
  4. A letter of motivation and commitment- We ask the student to provide a cover letter that explains why they would like work experience, how it will benefit them and how they can benefit the employer.
  5. An up-to-date CV. 
  6. A great attitude with a willingness to do anything!                                                           
  7. Most of all……Passion and Enthusiasm.

Why choose a Crown student for Work experience?

Crown Institute of Studies recognises the importance of training students to be ‘work ready’ and current in industry needs and requirements. We focus not only on theory but also in developing our learners’ skills and abilities outside the classroom and where better to do this than supporting our industry partners. 


What have they done in the past and for whom?   

Our Hospitality and Travel students have been part of the following:
  • Auckland Cup-Ellerslie Races Show Support
  • Jagermeister Events and Promotions
  • Staffing at Vector Arena         Working at exclusive private events- The Wharf and The Orange Group
  • Huffer, SUP, Austins Catering, Hancocks and many more!
  • Discover USA Trade Show Support
  • Film Crew support for the filming of New Zealand exhibitors at trade shows
  • STA Travel promotional campaign support at Sylvia Park Shopping Mall       
  •  Overseas familiarisation trips with hotel inspections and destination product knowledge
  • Contiki, Intercity, Walshe Group, STA Travel, Go Holidays, Stray and many more!

Our Hospitality and Travel students:
  • Demonstrate a focused and motivated attitude appropriate for working in the industry
  • Recognise the importance of punctuality and reliability due to our strict attendance policy
  • Have developed their industry knowledge through studying a range of SSI: Service Skills Institute - (previously HSI) units.
  • Have gained experience in our realistic working environment to develop communication skills, sales techniques, problem-solving skills, product terms and conditions, and technical knowledge.

About Crown:

Crown Institute of Studies has been one of New Zealand’s leading schools for over forty five years. Locally owned and proudly independent, our style is professional and friendly. We offer excellent programmes in English Language, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Business. Our strong relationship with the business community continues to develop, and Crown is recognised as a quality leader by New Zealand and International employers.