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Meet our 2016 Crown Ambassadors!

Written by on March 17th, 2016.      0 comments

While studying at Crown, students are given the opportunity to apply to be part of our student representative team, the Crown Ambassadors. This enables students develop skills in a variety of capacities, throughout the year on a volunteer basis.


Crown Ambassadors are involved in many aspects around the school such as the organisation of events and activities for fellow Crown students; marketing; taking part in team meetings; by being an identifiable presence on Campus for their classmates; and providing the Crown student body with a voice.

Please meet our Crown Ambassadors for 2016:


Mary Banal-916 Jessie Putu-387 Duy Tran-766  
Mary Banal Jessie Putu Duy Tran  
Senila Suini-394 Chavaun Hill-689 Waiehu-673  
Senila Suini Chavaun Hill Waiehu Ruru