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Tips for Surviving Christmas in Hospitality | Crown Institute

Written by on December 16th, 2018.      0 comments

The Christmas season brings out the best in people, but for you in the hospitality courses, you might’ve heard the rumours. You might’ve heard some Christmas success stories, but spread in between those are the holiday horror stories about unruly guests or mid-Christmas season staff breakdowns. Don’t sweat it! It happens. If you manage to live through the ‘long’ holiday season, you’ll be able to face everything the hospitality industry throws at you with a grin.

From simply putting in the hard work, through to celebrating mini-victories during your day, here are tips on how you, as an ongoing hospitality student, can survive through the season:

<h2>Batten down the hatches—work through it! </h2>

The holidays can be distracting. Everyone has a busy schedule, but as a member of the staff or as someone working as an intern, you have the unenviable task of preparing everything so your over-worked guests have the time of their lives. It’s easy to make mistakes when stressed, so don’t focus on that! Instead, concentrate on the task at hand and remember your barista course studies and others. It is helpful enough to take your mind off making mistakes.

<h2>Get plenty of rest</h2>


It’s easy to get lost in the hectic holiday season, but don’t sweat it! Savour the free time you get. If you get the chance to get some rest, take it. It’s another way of recharging yourself so you’ll be ready for the holiday grind. It’s also good for keeping yourself in the pink of health, something you’ll need during the long holiday season.

<h2>Take time off during the important dates</h2>

December 25 and 26 and New Year’s Eve are dates meant to be shared with friends and family. If you can’t allocate these dates for all your loved ones, try to at least take one of those days off. This also allows you to freshen yourself up and get back into the grind. Just remember to negotiate your time off as early as you can to avoid having to jostle for leave with other people. It will also help your boss adjust to your absence – or to absences — from staff.

<h2>Celebrate with your work family</h2>

The company Christmas party is one of two things – you could be looking forward to it all year, or you’ve been dreading attending it. It’s still a work event, after all, so show up. Think of your work colleagues as family too – make it a point to connect with them during the event. This is also another opportunity to take your mind off the stress of holiday work and revitalise, making work easier in the long run!

<h2>Those mini-victories—savour it! </h2>

Whenever someone gives you props during holiday work, receive it and give yourself a pat on the back—you deserve it! Not everyone can say that they worked through the holidays without getting affected, so give yourself enough credit when it’s due. Distribute the accolade to the team as well if you all earned the praise.

<h3>Looking to dive into the busy and rewarding world of hospitality?</h3>


It’s easy to forget your training during stressful holiday work, but with Crown Institute’s hospitality industry training, you’re well-equipped for any time of the year! Contact us to know more about our various hospitality courses.





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