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Welcome to Crown

Our Mission:

Providing holistic tertiary education services which build both knowledge and wellbeing. Connecting with industry and community to help students into a great career. 

Our Values:

Crown believes in the following values:

  • ­ Honesty and integrity in all we do
  • Respect for our students and staff members
  • Providing relevant and up to date quality education and training, recognized by industry and including industry involvement
  • Being customer focused at all times

Treaty of Waitangi:

We honour the intent of the treaty and will respect the cultural needs and protocols of Maori. Students and staff who have identified as Maori will be encouraged to comply with protocols when required. We encourage them to gain support of whanau in their dealings with the school. Maori greetings and blessings may be included in the course of some classes. Maori cultural welcomes may also be included in formal activities. We will regularly consult with Maori, through our Local Advisory Committee, as to the cultural appropriateness of our initiatives and responses.

Our success is measured by:

By the quality of our students, the quality of our tutors, the quality of our programmes, in terms of content, delivery and assessment, students’ academic results and their job placement success.