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What is Study and Internship?

Study and Internship is a course of study at Crown, and Internship at an Auckland company. You can take Study and Internship foe a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Study at Crown                                                     

You can choose exciting classes in English, activities, travel, tourism, hospitality or business. Each class is two weeks long. Classes are usually on Monday and Tuesday each week. You also take directed self-study and attend internship tutorials each Friday.

Internship at an Auckland company

We arrange and then manage you internship at an Auckland company. You intern with your company each week,  usually on Wednesday and Thursday. Crown is a leading vocational college, so our students can intern with many Auckland businesses.

Your visa

If you are from a visa waiver country, you do not need a visa to take this course. You can also take this course if you have a Working Holiday Visa, a work visa or a visitor visa.

English Preparation

You can take an optional English course before you start Study and Internship programme.

Your English level

You should have at least Intermediate English (equivalent to: TOEIC 400+, IELTS 4.0+, CEFR A2+,TOEFL iBT 40+) or above. We can give you a short Crown test to make sure your English is suitable.